ACIE, perhaps the first of its kind in Iran's industry sector, is hoping to play a constructive role in the Iranian cement production business with the objective of brining together potential efforts and expertise of cement plants and cement projects, employers, entrepreneurs, and managers to make cement industry more efficient, viable and competitive in the domestic and world markets.

Based on the labor law of the Islamic Republic of Iran, for the protection of employers' rights, the Association of the Cement Industry Employers was registered on Nov. 3, 1993 .

All the existing cement companies in Iran have joined as the member of the ACIE.
ACIE has played an important role in cement price deregulation in the last 8 years, and established a workable relationship with all governmental organizations concerning cement issues, submitting them on time and valuable reports on cement industry problems and succeeded to convince different governmental authorities to accept partial liberalization of cement pricing in Iran .

The principle objectives of ACIE

1. Protection of cement industry's employers rights.
2. Data and information gathering, undertaking research on present and future
cement production and relevant problems.
3. Prediction of cement industry requirements, imports, exports, and surveying
market potential.
4. Attempt to increase capacity of cement production and helping technology
5. Attempt to increase quality of cement products.
6. Joining domestic and international technical associations.


ACIE has achieved the following goals in the last 8 years.
1.Quality control of raw materials and cement products through physical, chemical,
petrography and other laboratory tests.
2.Qulaity inspection of refractory bricks and foundry items, which were ordered by
cement companies.
3.Collection and analysis of statistics on production , sales, exports and survey of
regional cement market .
4. Participating in monthly meetings at different governmental organizations such as Ministry of Industry and Mine's Managers Council, Management and Planning
Organization (MPO), Ministry of Commerce, Iran Standard Institute and similar
official bodies.
5. Undertaking study on cement production, pricing, final costs, financial problems of plant renovation and financing new cement projects.
6- Conducting quality control seminars at cement plants
7. Preparing cement reports for governmental officials
8- Study on improvement of financial structure of cement companies, revision and
re-evaluation of cement companies' assets.
9- Preparing a report about reasons for lack of investment in cement industry by
private sector.

Management Board

Management Board of ACIE :
1- Mr. Atabak
2- Mr. Hedayat
3- Mr. Alaei fard
4- Mr. Khatami
5- Mr. Pour khalil

ACIE secretary General: Mr. Pour khalil

ACIE Address:
16, 4th floor, No. 1260 Vali-asr Ave.
Tehran Iran
Tel: +9821- 6683808
Fax: +9821- 66499232